Flux is a chemical composition critical to soldering that: Cleans metals surfaces to assist the flow of filler metals over base metals and provides a protective barrier against re-oxidation and heat scale; Assists with heat transfer from heat source to metal surface., and; Helps in the removal of surface metal oxides.




AIM offers fluxes for radiator manufacturing and repair, stainless steel work, plumbing and other applications.

Solder fluxes

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AIM offers a range of solder alloys for industrial use, including:

  • alloy soft soldering
  • american solder
  • copper pipe solders
  • copper solder
  • jewelry solders
  • lead-free
  • lead solders
  • liquid fluxes
  • pipe solders
  • plumbing solder
  • soldering flux
  • solder kit
  • solder melting point
  • flux paste
  • solder supply
  • solder training
  • stained glass solders
  • wave solders